Bed Bug Sudbury: Bed Bug Still a Problem in the City

Bed Bug Sudbury: Bed Bug Still a Problem in the City

As Orkin Canada, a trusted pest control company releases its annual report on top cities with bed bugs, Sudbury takes one of the top 10 spots of bedbug-infested cities. Currently, it is the only city in Northern Ontario included in the list and Sudbury is on the 9th spot. 

Since 2017, the city has been in the 8th spot and now the city improved its way of handling their bed bug problems as it slowly ranked down from its previous spot. This is considered as a ray of hope for the city in handling their bed bug infestations. 

The findings were based on the number of bed bug treatments rendered to both residential and commercial establishments by the company. This means that there is a significant improvement in how residents are handling and controlling the infestations. Regardless othe ranking has only dropped one place, it still shows the result of continuous prevention of spreading the pests to avoid infestations from increasing. 

Preventing Bed Bugs from Spreading 

Even after decades of not having to deal with bed bugs, the continuous movement of people from different places and constant travelling allowed these bugs to become a major problem again. No one is immune to having bed bugs in their home. This is because bed bugs can thrive in any environment. 

Regardless of your place is clean or not, an infestation may start once these bugs get inside your home without you knowing. They will inhabit your home and you will only notice them once they have started to spread in your home or started to bite you. 

If you have been to gatherings or just went out to your usual routines, you have likely brought the bugs to your home. There are things that you can do to prevent these pests from spreading. Some of these are: 

  1. Avoid putting your luggage anywhere in your hotel room without inspecting the room 

When travelling, you shouldn't put your luggage or clothing on the bed to prevent present bugs from climbing in. If there is a metal luggage rack, place it away from the wall and put your luggage on it.  

When packing, place your clothing inside plastic bags so you can keep possibly infested clothes separated from clean ones. Throw them in the washer and dryer as soon as you come home at a high setting. The heat will kill any bugs and eggs that hitchhiked in your belongings. 

  1. Inspect your belongings before getting inside your home 

After travelling or even just going out, inspect your belongings before getting inside your home. Check your bags, clothing, as well as other items that you are bringing inside for bed bugs. 

  1. Check second-hand furniture before placing them inside or do not buy them at all 

If you are into buying second-hand items or furniture, you should inspect it thoroughly before bringing them in. For large furniture, you can leave them out under the sun first just to make sure that bugs will not easily get in your home. If possible, pest control companies would recommend not getting these items especially if you are not aware of its previous owner has or had an infestation. 

  1. Heat-treat all possible infested items

For possibly infested items, one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of these bugs is heat treatment. The higher the heat setting the better. This is enough to kill not only adult bed bugs but also the eggs that came with them. 

These are just some of the things that you can do to prevent bringing bed bugs to your home when you go out. Remember that these pests not only stay in homes and hotels. They can also thrive in various means of public transportation and other public establishments. 

You must do this diligently if you want to keep your home free from these critters. These will also help you in protecting you and your family from dealing with these pests if an infestation arises in your home. 

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