Bed Bug Sprays in Canada - What's Legal and What Isn’t

Bed Bug Sprays in Canada - What's Legal and What Isn’t

Among the most popular bed bug solutions are sprays. Ideally, these are used by many as an initial treatment once they notice the presence of bed bugs and prior to using other treatments for proper elimination of the pests. Thus, there is a high demand for bed bug sprays in Canada.

Though it is popular, there is one issue that you must keep in mind - choosing only legal bed bug sprays and not the ones that are banned in the country. With this in mind, it is essential for you to know which products are Health Canada approved and which are not.

What’s Wrong with Other Bed Bug Sprays?

Back in 2015, there was a case in Canada, Northern Alberta, where a family brought home an unregistered insecticide from Pakistan, used it inside their home, and it caused the death of two children. This insecticide was thought to contain aluminum phosphide, which is a toxic chemical in insecticides. Though it wasn’t clear how the family was able to bring it into Canada, authorities from Health Canada warned the public about the use of unregistered products, especially those that are not Health Canada approved.

If you are looking for a bed bug pesticide in Canada, it is best to know some of the products that are not allowed in the country, such as the following:

  • Eco-raider
  • Cimexa
  • Temprid FX
  • PT Phantom

Though you might have heard about the use of these products in other countries, it is crucial that you know these are not allowed in Canada versus those that are.

What Is the Best Bed Bug Killer In Canada? Are There Any Options Available?

If you want to know where to buy bed bug sprays in Canada, then search no further. We have a wide range of options for bed bug killer sprays that are not only effective as a supplemental bed bug treatment, but are also Health Canada approved.

If you are trying to look for the best bed bug killer in Canada, then you might be disappointed. Keep in mind that there is no sole treatment for getting rid of bed bugs. It requires several treatments to properly eliminate these pests and continuous monitoring to prevent them from coming back.

So, moving on, some of our highly recommended bed bug killer sprays include:

An effective bed bug spray that kills the pests upon contact.

Protect yourself from bed bugs whenever you travel by getting this travel-sized contact spray.

Looking for a bed bug spray that can last longer? This is an ideal option for you.

Want to use an indoor bed bug spray that is safe for everyone? This option is suitable for your needs.

An indoor contact bed bug spray.

With these legal options, rest assured that your entire family will be safe despite the use of bed bug killers inside your home. For other bed bug products, feel free to browse our site for different options you can use to control your bed bug problem.

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