Bed Bug Infestation in Government Offices – How to Detect?

Bed Bug Infestation in Government Offices – How to Detect?

Bed bugs are not only becoming a problem in our homes but are now becoming a huge problem in public establishments. Most recently, government buildings of Canada fell victim to bed bugs, in Gatineau, Ottawa and Winnipeg. But why is this so scary?

People fear bed bugs for two reasons:

  1. The thought of a bed bug sucking your blood while you sleep
  2. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of if left undetected

Bed Bugs at Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada

Among the recently reported bed bug sighting is in the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada or IRCC in Quebec area. After discovering bed bugs on all floors in the building, it was forced to shut down and employees sent home. Some employees were able to work from home, others dealing with more sensitive information were required to return to work and enter the building. At the time we write this article, treatment is still ongoing. Read more about this incident here.

350 King Edward Avenue Dealing with Bed Bugs and Cockroaches

Another government building dealing with bed bugs and even cockroaches is at 350 King Edward Avenue. They have just treated bed bugs, and recently, they sprayed for cockroaches. The kitchenette was closed and treated for cockroaches while three floors and 18 workstations were treated for bed bugs.

Aside from treatments, special traps were also used to stay updated with the bed bug activity. An anonymous employee said that pests were not new to them as there were previous bed bug infestations reported, and treatments were done back in 2018. Workers were moved to new workstations during treatments. Read more about this incident here.

Canada Revenue Agency in Winnipeg

Another bed bug issue was confirmed at The Canada Revenue Agency in Winnipeg. Union of Taxation Employees confirmed that bed bugs have been discovered over the past months.

Though the number of bed bugs and eggs were far from being considered an infestation, both employers and workers want to be sure no bed bugs are lingering. Learn more about this issue here.

These incidents have not only affected the daily operations of our government offices but have also affected the well-being of employees. Bed bugs are feared pests for a reason, but the earlier you detect them, the easier it is to get rid of them.

Why Detect Bed Bugs?

There are a few important reasons why someone, especially those working in these government offices, would want to detect bed bugs at home:

  • Some people do not react or do not have any reactions to bed bug bites. So you might not know you have bed bugs until a full-blown infestation
  • Detecting the presence of these critters earlier than later helps prevent a full-blown infestation.
  • Bed bug are expert hitchhikers
  • Unattended, bed bugs can wreak havoc on your lifestyle and personal well-being
  • 90% of bed bug cases are of low infestation, meaning only a few bed bugs; however, left undetected will grow into a nightmare of a problem.

Since bed bugs spread easily, detection must be done in the earliest stage as possible. This way, a pest control program is provided and infestation is prevented.

How to Detect Bed Bugs?

Though bed bugs are among the hardest pests to detect, they can still be seen with the naked eye. The key to a successful eradication is early detection. Here at, we recommend three products for long-term and efficient detection.

Bed Bug Volcano

The Sensci Volcano is a bed bug monitoring product that can help in detecting bed bugs in any environment. You can conveniently place them next to legs of furniture or bed, next to bedside tables, couch, or any area where bed bugs are possibly hiding.

Make it more effective by turning it into an active monitor with the Sensci Activ Bed Bug Lure. This will make bed bugs come out of their hiding places and catch them before they can reach you.


Interceptors work like a barrier against these pesky critters. You can place them under the legs of furniture but is most effective under the legs of your bed. We have many different sizes of interceptors to suit your needs.

Unlike other interceptors, the ones from don’t use talc and are safe to be used around kids and pets. They work discreetly in monitoring the activity of bed bugs as they try to get their blood meals from you. Here is a link to our bed bug interceptor comparison page.

Surge and Refills

Another highly recommended bed bug detector is the Surge Protector with Lure. The Surge bed bug detector looks like an ordinary power bar and emits heat that will attract bed bugs out of their hiding places.

You can place these around your home without anyone suspecting it as an active monitor. It comes with a glue trap placed inside, which will prevent bed bugs that climb in from escaping and moving to other hiding areas.

There are replaceable glue cartridges that you can use to continuously monitor bed bugs even after getting treatments. You can also use the ones with the lure as it emits “human scent” and a CO2 attachment that will make the Surge Protector more effective in attracting and trapping bed bugs.


With the continuous spread of bed bugs, one must learn how to detect the presence of the bugs as early as possible. Remember that bed bugs are not only found in homes but also common in public establishments.

The use of effective bed bug detection products is one way to prevent an impending full-blown infestation from happening. Also, knowing how to prevent bringing bed bugs home from these public places will benefit you and your family from an infestation.

If you are an employee of the government in one of these buildings, we highly recommend you use detectors to avoid greater infestations. It is also a good idea to have all your coworkers actively detecting bed bugs also. Remember, bed bugs do not discriminate (clean or dirty) and getting rid of them is extremely difficult. For that reason, always be on the lookout and let your office neighbour know about the various ways you can detect bed bugs.  

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