Bed Bug Bites VS Pimples

Bed Bug Bites VS Pimples

Many may mistake their bed bug bites with other insect bites. Some are also confused about whether they have a bed bug bite or a pimple. While bed bug bites do resemble pimples, there are certain factors that make them different from each other. Before you become one of those people who spend hundreds of dollars on face washes and acne creams, only to discover that you have a bed bug infestation, you might want to know the differences with the table below.


Are Those Red Patches Bed Bug Bites or Back Acne?

Learn The Different Symptoms Below:


Bed Bug Bites


Bedbug bites are usually found on the arms, face, upper back, neck, chest and other parts of the body.

Pimples are usually located on the forehead, cheeks or chin area. Some also develop them on their back, neck and seldom on the buttocks.

Bites are typically unnoticeable unless the person develops an allergic reaction 24 hours after being bitten.

Along with pimples, there are blackheads and whiteheads around the cheeks, nose and chin area.

The bitten areas are either red or a small red dot.

For those with cystic acne, pimples are painful and hard. These may resemble bed bug bites.

The intense itching on affected areas may result in red bumps and irritated red welts.

With severe acne, pimples may grow in clusters in one area. This is similar to that of bed bug bites.

Highly sensitive individuals may develop blisters filled with pus that are lumpy and hard at first. The pus later develops on the lumps and creates a small opening. Scratching the bites also introduces skin infections, which may result to scarring.

Many people squeeze their pimples which results in spreading the infection to other parts of the skin. It may also lead to acne marks and permanent scars.


Whenever you see red patches or blisters on your skin, you should ask yourself if you have bed bug bites or acne on your face. However, knowing the basic symptoms shown above, you can easily determine whether you are dealing with pimples or have a bed bug infestation at home.

Once you figured out that the bite marks are indeed from bed bugs, you should immediately look or signs of bed bugs. You can use various bed bug products to control a low-level infestation, but you should seek the help of a pest control expert if you know that the bed bug problem is uncontrollable.

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