Bed Bug Bites Up Close

Bed Bug Bites Up Close

What do bed bug bites look like up close? If you have been noticing bites on different parts of your body, then you might be wondering how bed bug bites look, so that you can identify whether you are sharing your home with these pests or not. Looking at pictures will help you differentiate the bites that you have from bed bug bites.

Keep in mind that bed bugs usually bite on any exposed parts of the body when the host is sleeping. Below are close-up pictures of bed bug bites on different parts of the body. These pictures are meant to guide you in identifying whether you have bed bugs or other insects residing in your home.

These close-up photos of bed bug bites below may look different from what you have, but remember that people have different reactions to bed bug bites. There are some with extreme allergic reactions, while others don’t experience the same issues aside from the bite marks.

Below are bed bug bites seen on face:


Below are bed bug bites on the neck area:

If you have bites on your arms, below are pictures of what these bed bug bites look like:

After the arms, you’ll probably see bed bug bites on your hands, which will look like this:  

If you tend to sleep without a shirt or are barely covering your upper body, the photos below are bed bug bites on the torso area:

Legs are not spared from bed bug bites. If you see bites on your legs like the ones below, then you might have been bitten by bed bugs.



If you sleep without any socks on, your feet won’t be spared from bed bugs. Below are photos of how the bites look on your feet.



If your bite marks are similar to any of the photos shown above, then you might have been bitten by bed bugs. There are several home remedies that you can try, but always consult your doctor if you aren’t sure how to treat the bites.


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