Bed Bug Bites or Poison Ivy Rash? – Learn How To Determine Which is Causing Your Red Patches

Bed Bug Bites or Poison Ivy Rash? – Learn How To Determine Which is Causing Your Red Patches

bed bugs or poison ivyAmong the people who notice red rashes or patches on any part of their body, one of the most common questions is whether they have bed bug bites or poison ivy rash. To avoid panicking, it is necessary to learn the differences between each one. It is also important that you know of other associated symptoms that will help you to confirm and identify the cause of the red patches or rashes.

Poison Ivy Vs Bed Bug Bites – Which is Which?

Below is a table that will help you determine the difference between a bed bug bite and a poison ivy rash.

Bed Bugs Bites

Poison Ivy

Bites have distinct and raised areas.

There are no individual bitten bumps.

The number of bites depends on the severity of an infestation.

You find them on the largest areas of the skin.

Bites are usually found on exposed skin while sleeping.

The rash is small, close-spaced, and may develop blister-like eruptions. When opened, it releases a watery liquid similar to burn blisters.

Intense itchiness; may develop lesions that can last for a few days.

The size of the affected area depends on the parts that are exposed to the plant’s oily allergen. It also depends on an individual’s sensitivity to the allergen.

Infections may develop when you keep scratching the bitten area.

May cause discomfort due to itching. Scratching the area may remove the epidermis and expose the skin to various infection-causing agents.

Bite marks may last for a few days.

It is not contagious and the rashes may last for 1 to 3 weeks.


These are some of the common factors that you may observe with the rashes or red patches that you may develop. Once you have confirmed the cause, it is ideal to have it treated and avoid touching the area. Dealing with the root cause of the issue is important, especially if it is because of bed bugs. Acting fast will prevent further infestation and will save you from getting more bed bug bites.

Why Many People Mistake Their Reaction to Bed Bug Bites as Other Bites

It is common for people to have allergic reactions to certain bites, but it is rare for them to think that they can get a severe reaction to the bite as the side effects vary from person to person. Getting medical advice is highly recommended to make sure that proper diagnosis and treatment is given.

If you’ve been noticing signs of bed bugs in your home, it is ideal to call pest control to get rid of the bed bugs and stop getting the bites. You can also visit to get bed bug products you can use at home.

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