Bed Bug Bites on Hands and Feet

Bed Bug Bites on Hands and Feet

bed bug bites on hands and feetBed bugs don’t solely attack when a person is sleeping. Since they are sneaky in nature and naturally come out at dark hours, their most common victims are people who are sleeping. However, when they are hungry they can bite people who are moving or even when they are at work. This answers one of the most common questions about whether bed bugs are only found at home or in other places as well.

Do bed bugs bite your hands and feet? If these areas are exposed, bed bugs will definitely bite them. Essentially, they bite any exposed areas of the body, thus making it possible to see bites on different parts of your body. Even the smallest exposed areas can be an access point for bed bugs to reach other parts of the body while you are sleeping. The bites also appear in groups, which makes the bitten areas more painful and uncomfortable with the combined reactions coming from the bites.

Is It Possible to Suffer from Allergic Reactions from Bed Bug Bites on your Hands or Feet?

Depending on how sensitive you are with bed bug bites, your body’s reaction to the bites may range from simple bite marks to red itchy bumps that may also result in a secondary infection. Though it is less likely for these critters to bite the palm of your hands and the soles of your feet, it is still possible to get bitten in these areas, especially if these places are the only exposed parts of your body when you are sleeping. Bite symptoms vary from person to person, which is why you shouldn’t assume that all red bumps you see are from bed bugs.

If you are not sure that the insect bites are from bed bugs, there are a couple things that you should keep in mind. These pests usually create a pattern which means breakfast, lunch and dinner. For them to get a full blood meal, they will most likely bite you at least three time. Your body’s reaction time depends on your level of sensitivity. For some, it will take days to see and feel the effects while others may feel the side effects hours after getting bitten.

Just like other parts of your body that may show allergic reactions to the bites, it is also possible to get the same reactions on your hands and feet.

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Avoiding Bites by Dealing with the Main Source of the Problem

Despite not wanting to hear that you have a bed bug infestation, there is a great chance that you already have one if you keep getting these bites. Your stay in hotel rooms from recent trips may have been the reason why you got them, but you can certainly do something about it.

One of which is by starting to inspect your home for signs of bed bugs. You should check your box spring, bedding and mattresses, as well as all visible cracks and crevices. If you see live bed bugs in their colonies, eggs, or any signs that they are feeding on you like blood stains on your mattress, it is about time to call for pest control services.

You can try wash your bedding in hot water, but that is not enough to get rid of them completely. Getting the right bed bug treatment for your home and continuous monitoring will help to get rid of the bugs and eventually make your home bed bug-free. This will not only stop getting all the bites on your hands, feet and other parts of your body, but will also put your mind at ease that you are no longer dealing with these blood sucking pests.

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