Bed Bug Bite Patterns

Bed Bug Bite Patterns
Given that bed bugs make their move while the host is sleeping, they usually bite any exposed part of the body. Some common areas can include the:
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Face
  • Legs
  • Arms

Do Bed Bugs Bite In a Pattern?

While it is not always the case, you will find most bed bug bites in a group or cluster. They are either in the form of a zigzag, or simply a line. The look of the bite differs with every person. Most of the time, bed bug bites are small red dots, while others get flat or raised bite marks. For those who are sensitive to these bites, they not only develop red and itchy marks, but they eventually get inflamed and blistered.

Unlike other insect bites that you will find on different parts of the body, bed bugs tend to create straight or zigzag-like patterns. Look for pictures of bed bug bite patterns to identify if the bite marks you have are from bed bugs. Doing so will help you to determine the right treatment for the bites and look for an infestation solution immediately.

Where do Bed Bug Bite Patterns Usually Occur? Should It Be a Health Concern?

You will notice that these bed bug bites will most likely occur on any part of the body that is exposed while you sleep. Though these pests don’t transmit diseases, an increasing number of red bumps and itchy bites may result in a mild to severe allergic reaction that will require medical attention.

Keep in mind that these bites are among the signs of a bed bug infestation. As bed bugs feed on you, they will continue to reproduce and take over your home and your life. You should immediately take action to get rid of bed bugs and stop the infestation while you can.

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