Bed Bug Bite Home Remedies You Can Try

Bed Bug Bite Home Remedies You Can Try

Going to sleep perfectly fine and healthy, then waking up to the sight of small, red, itchy patches on your skin is most probably a bed bug nightmare that you never imagined experiencing. If you have addressed the infestation immediately but worry about the bites that the pesky critters have left, you can always use a few effective home remedies to relieve the discomfort of bed bug bites.

Top Homemade Remedies For Bed Bug Bites

The following are some simple home remedies for bed bug bites that only require a couple of household items:

  1. Soap and Water

The simplest home remedy is cleaning the affected area with soap and water. Using soap can help to relieve the itchiness of the bite. It works as a mild antiseptic and keeps the area clean to prevent infections.

To make this remedy even more effective, apply the soap on the affected areas prior to washing it with water. Let the soap dry before washing it off to give it maximum protection from constant itching.


  1. Ice Pack

The pain, swelling and itchiness associated with bed bug bites is annoying, but applying an ice pack can relieve all of these symptoms. It will numb the nerves, which will lessen the itchiness and reduce the swelling. Always remember to wrap the ice first in a towel or cloth. Do not apply ice directly to your skin.


  1. Lemon Juice

To fight inflammation, lemon juice is a natural remedy that is readily available in your home. It can also help in reducing the swelling and itching of the affected area. The effects of lemon juice are noticeable a few minutes after application. Just make sure that you’re not applying the juice over an open wound as it can result in making it worse.


  1. Oatmeal

Phenol found in oatmeal is confirmed by the US FDA to be an effective treatment for irritation and inflammation. Thus, it is one of the home remedies for itchy and swollen bed bug bites. Yes, it is a messy procedure, but the effects are worth it.


  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Known for its amino acids and active compounds that relieve the burning sensation and itching due to bed bug bites, aloe vera gel is among one of the go-to home remedies to remove bed bug bites that you can try. It allows the area to heal while keeping the skin moisturized. All you need to do is scoop out the gel from the leaf and apply it to the affected area. Keep the rest of the gel refrigerated and apply as needed.


  1. Cucumber

Another solution you can use for relieving itching is placing a chilled slice of cucumber on the bite. Leave it on the area for about ten minutes. Whenever the area gets itchy, you can place chilled cucumber slices on it to relieve the itching. One or two cucumbers will make enough slices to last for a few days. Just make sure you keep them chilled until your next use.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The acetic acid and anti-inflammatory properties in ACV ease the burning sensation and itching due to bed bug bites. Apply raw and unfiltered ACV on the area and let it dry. Rinse your skin once the area feels better. You can reapply ACV several hours after the first application.


  1. Baking Soda

This is among one of the popular home remedies to make bed bug bites stop itching. It is also used as a remedy for other insect bites like mosquito bites or flea bite and has the same effect on bed bug bites. Simply create a paste by mixing baking soda and water and spread the paste on the affected area. Leave it until dry, then rinse the area with water. Moisturize the area as it will become a bit dry due to the mixture. Leaving it dry can make the skin flaky and cause itchiness.


  1. Tea Bags

A great alternative to an ice pack is using chilled tea bags. Aside from the numbing effects of the chilled tea bags, the astringent, tannins and mild anesthetic properties in the tea also help to relieve the discomfort. Repeat the application as needed.


  1. Banana Peels

Don’t throw away those banana peels! You can use them to relieve the itchiness and irritation due to bed bug bites. The inside portion of the banana peel has anti-inflammatory properties that you can use as treatment for bed bug bites by rubbing it on the affected area. Repeat this process a few times daily to relieve the discomfort.

You can use any of these remedies as your go-to solution when dealing with bed bug bites. Other options you can use are calamine lotion and witch hazel to relieve itching and swelling. Aside from treating bed bug bites, the ideal solution is to address the bed bug infestation to prevent another set of bites from happening. Act fast and be knowledgeable on how to deal with these critters to eventually stop the bites and discomfort of living with these pests.


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