Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous During Pregnancy?

Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous During Pregnancy?

are bed bugs dangerous during pregnancyThough there are no known transmittable diseases that a person can contract from bed bug bites, there are many moms-to-be who would like to know the effects of bed bug bites during pregnancy. There are instances when moms-to-be tend to worry too much about anything that may possibly affect their baby,  one of those being bedbug bites. Fortunately, since the bites are on the skin and bed bugs are only feeding on your blood, it won’t affect or cause any problems with the baby.

Unlike being bitten by venomous insects or animals, bed bugs do not inject anything into your bloodstream that could reach your baby. However, living in an infested home can affect the wellbeing of moms-to-be and result in certain issues during pregnancy. Safety removal of bed bugs should also be considered in the welfare of the pregnant woman.

Being bitten by bed bug bites may cause itchy, swollen, and pink lesions with a blister-like center. Some may also develop blisters on the patterns or tracks of the sequential bed bug feedings. Bed bug bites are both aesthetically displeasing and uncomfortable and these may cause stress to pregnant women. However, resorting to natural remedies for the bites can relieve the discomfort and lessen the stress of the pregnant woman.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Stressing You While You’re Pregnant

It is given that a bed bug infestation requires treatment and this may either come with the regular use of bed bug sprays or other toxic substances. Though being bitten while pregnant will not result in any issues with the baby, the exposure to harmful chemicals may affect not only a pregnant woman but the unborn child. This is the main reason why many choose natural remedies or treatments that do not use such harmful chemicals.

There are different anti-itching solutions that you can use like calamine lotion. You can always wash the bites with soap and water instead of scratching them, as it may only introduce skin infection.

Treatments such as interceptors and heaters can help to detect and prevent an infestation from spreading in a more natural and safe way. Pest control service is required if bed bug products are no longer working to deal with the pests.

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