Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous?

Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous?

are bed bug bites dangerousAre bed bug bites dangerous? Learning that you have a bed bug infestation in your home will cause you to panic and worry if getting bitten by a bed bug is dangerous. Fortunately, they are not. However, just like any insect bite, consistent scratching and improper medication can cause an infection and worsen the affected area.

Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs don’t spread viruses. Another thing that makes them different from other insects is the fact that they don’t leave you alone by simply hiding indoors. They actually latch onto any of your belongings and treat your home as their new habitat. In no time, they will come out of hiding and wait until they get their first full meal off you. In the morning, all they will leave you are bite marks, sometimes none at all.

The Health Risks of Bed Bug Bites

Are bed bug bites dangerous to your health? Though bed bugs may not transmit any form of disease when they bite you, they can cause certain health complications, some of these being:

  • Increased chance of infection.

Scratching and constant touching are common factors that introduce bacteria which may infect the affected areas. A skin infection and other allergic reactions can also occur due to the bites.

  • Insomnia

The thought of these reddish brown pests climbing on you as you sleep is definitely one of the reasons for sleep deprivation. It is both stressful and exhausting not knowing how you can deal with these pests and prevent another night of being a host for their blood meals.

  • Decreased wellbeing.

Long periods of time exposed to these blood sucking insects may result in having nights without sleep that can affect your entire daily functions. It can lead to general fatigue, anxiety and depression. It can also lower your immune system, which will make you vulnerable to common illnesses. A common misconception about bed bugs,that they only infest dirty places, can worsen depression and lower one’s self-esteem. Knowing that they don’t go away easily can affect your overall well-being and daily life.

With this being said, you already know how dangerous a bed bug bite is. Most of the time, the problem is not solely about the bites but the bed bug infestation alone. Being knowledgeable on how to identify an infestation and things you can do about it will help to prevent a more serious infestation.

It is essential that you immediately check your mattress, box springs, and other pieces of furniture near your bed and surrounding areas as these are common hiding and breeding spots of these pests.for protection, using bed bug mattress covers can help prevent bugs from reaching you.

You should also check cracks and crevices as these are alternative spots that allow these insects to have more space for reproduction. Dusting some diatomaceous powder can be used for sealing cracks and crevices and preventing the bugs from passing through.

In case you find out that your bed bug problem is impossible to control, seeking the help of a professional pest management company is your last option. Yes, it is costly, but to save you from all the discomfort and health risks of bites and stings from these critters, a professional bed bug treatment is the ideal solution.


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