400 Bed Bug Bites in Hotel


Short article about a young woman who claims to have suffered over 400 bed bug bites during her stay at the Renaissance Marriott Hotel in Palm Springs California. She is now suing the hotel for the permanent scars all over her body and face and the impact this has had on her social life. We often hear stories where bed bug victims are no longer invited to social gathrings with friends due to the fear of transimitting hickhiking bed bugs.

Our recommendations:

Considering the amount of bed bug bites she had, we could deduct bed bugs were very active in that room. With that many bites we would also think that if she had perfomed an inspection of the bedroom prior to settling in the room, she would have undoubltly detected a presence of bed bugs. Now that she is home and might still be risking contamination, we would recomend the following:...


 Hotel guest claims she was bitten 400 times by bed bugs - Consumer Affairs - July 10th 2013

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