Bed bugs in cars


The National Pest Management Association in the United States and the University of Kentucky have released news that bedbugs are becoming a problem in cars. They are most commonly transmitted when luggage which was recently at a hotel/motel is brought into your car. If this is of high concern, consider placing the luggage in a plastic bag before placing it in the car. In addition, should you be worried about your luggage in hotel/motel room, keep it wrapped in a large plastic bag during your stay, this will ensure that no be bugs will contaminate your luggage. As noted in the article, it is worth taking precaution when it comes to bed bugs in your car, this is no easy task to exterminate especially in the car. Chemical extermination exposes you to the chemical, heat treatment could damage fragile plastic and wiring components of the car and fumigation means wrapping the car and pumping gas until bed bugs are eradicated. All are risky and cost intensive. 

Taxi's can be another place where bedbugs can be caught. Once again, if you are paranoid, wrap your luggage in a plastic bag when before. When sitting in the cab, try and sit on the edge of your seat, this way bedbugs hiding in the crease between the back and the bench, where bed bugs could hide, won't come out and latch onto your clothing. 

Our recommendations:

If you suspect contamination during the winter months and you live in an area where temperatures reach -0 or lower, leaving your car outside for at least 24 hours without being turned on can be an effective technique, the longer the better. If this isn't the case and you suspect bedbugs in your car during the warmer months, we suggest the use of either Bed Bug Alert by Bird-X or the Bed Bug Alert Active by Bed Bug Alert, both will work to attract any bed bugs lingering in your car. When bed bugs are detected, and if you think its a light case, we suggest Blaze bed bug killer and use in crease of your car. In extreme cases, it would be best to consult an exterminator to discuss your options. Should you feel uncomforted with your exterminators proposition, give us a call and we'll gladly help you.  


One more place you should check for bed bugs - Globe and Mail - June 8th 2013

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