Sleep tight, but the bedbugs do bite


Alberta health officials confirm bed bug infestation at two seniors residents. Although the infestations are not considered as severe, this poses mental stress on residents and a threat for the staff. Because bed bugs are highly mobile, staff members must take extra precution to not carry any of these critters back into their homes. You will note from the article that exterminators educate staff member and residents on how to cooperate when bed bugs are/ or have been present, you should do the same.

Our recomemdations:

Should you or a family member be in a similar situation we would recommend placing all belongings in a safe place when at work, either on a rack protected by Climb-up inceptors or in a room far away from beds and in a very well lit room. Light will reduce the likelyhood that bed bugs come out and latch onto your clothes. Also try and bring the least amount of things which you bring back home to work, this is question of minimizing risks.

Sleep tight, but the bedbugs do bite; insects a challenge for health officials - Times Colonist - June 2 2013 




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