Bed bug CO2 traps - Why use them

Bed bug CO2 traps - Why use them

Bed bug CO2 traps CanadaSo you think you have bed bugs, you’ve done a little research on them, and you’ve quickly realized that these pests are incredibly hard to exterminate and very difficult to detect. Yes, this is true. Speak with anyone who has had or has bed bugs and I guarantee they will tell you that the most horrifying part about bed bugs is the fact that they are so difficult to exterminate. I doubt it’s because they suck your blood, mosquitos suck your blood and we live with them… It’s the fear of fighting a never ending war. There’s hope though…

Bed bugs are not like other pests and therefore should not be treated like the other pests. This is why there exists an array of products to help people in their fight against them. Bed bugs require continuous monitoring and detection in order to fully exterminate them and this is why it is important to protect yourself using certain products. In this blog post, we will look at 3 reasons to use bed bug CO2 traps and how they can help you win the war.

1 - Signs of bed bugs


Bed bugs are notoriously hard to identify due to their size especially at the early stages of development. Bed bugs can be almost translucent at the early stages until they start sucking your blood. For that reason CO2 bed bug traps are great to lure them in so you can confirm that bed bugs are actually present in your home. Once you’ve trapped the bed bug you can easily bring it to your local pest control professional or consult pictures online. There’s alot of content online pertaining to signs of bed bugs, but there’s nothing as efficient as an actual bed bug. CO2 traps can greatly increase your chances of detection and help you detect sooner than later.

2 - Active Lure


Ever wonder what attracts bed bugs to you? Basically bed bugs are attracted by the heat of your body and the CO2 when you emit. A CO2 bed bug trap will actively lure bed bugs meaning that it mimics your body at rest by generating sustained Carbon Dioxide and heat to trick the bed bugs into thinking there is a live body. A study from Rutgers University showed that BeapCo’s CO2 trap lured bed bugs within 30 minutes of being installed. Such traps can be placed on and around the bed or can be placed on the couch to make sure there are no bed bugs nesting inside the couch.

3 - Easy to Use & and Gauges Effectiveness


It does not require the help of a pest control professional to help you set up a CO2 trap, this only takes a couple of minutes to set up and your active bed bug trap is ready. It’s safe to use and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals which could harm a family member or pet. In addition, it helps victims who pay for an extermination to gauge the effectiveness of any bed bug treatment.

There is one reality about bed bugs that we cannot avoid; they are horrible and a pain to exterminate. It takes a lot of effort, time and patience to eradicate bed bugs, but with the right tools you can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend worrying and stressing about bed bugs. A CO2 bed bug trap is an essential tool for any level of bed bug infestation.

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