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Bed bugs Montreal – So you just moved into your new apartment

Bed bugs montrealThe official moving day in Montreal has just passed, and for some of us, we’ve settled into our new place or still in the process of opening boxes and ordering pizza for the 4th consecutive night. It’s an exciting time to finally move in, organize your stuff and start fresh. You’ve probably cleaned up the place, got the old smell that lingers from the previous owners or tenants and got rid of anything else left behind, except for one thing; the dreaded bed bug. Yes people it happens. People move into new dwelling without even a concern for bed bugs. Bed bugs are notorious for causing havoc in someone’s new home, the landlord never told them about bed bugs and now they are stuck living with the pesky critter for the duration of the lease. This is how you get rid of bed bugs, prevent and detect bed bugs if there is a concern.

Look for signs of bed bugs – check out our bed bug identification page.

Do a proper cleaning of the bedroom, more precisely between the floors and the base boards.

Bed bug mattress protectorBefore installing your bed, encase your mattress, box spring and pillows. You’ve just moved in with a clean, bed bug free bed set and you want to keep it that way. Therefore you want to protect it with a bed bug mattress cover, bed bug box spring cover and bed bug pillow covers to avoid bed bugs from entering and nesting inside your mattress, box spring or pillow case or from escaping in the case that they’ve already settled in you mattress

Your mattress and etc… is now protected, but bed bugs can still crawl up and around your bed for its blood meal... We need to deny the bed bugs access to your bed! This is why the ClimbUp bed bug interceptor works great. Once placed under the legs of your bed, bed bug will get trapped in the inner well of the interceptor. This way if bed bugs coming from outside the bed crawl up the interceptor and fall inside and get trapped in the inner well. In addition, any bed bug trying to escape the bed will also get trapped. It’s a must have. Bed bug trap - ClimbUp bed bug trap

For the next couple of weeks or months, consider buying white sheets for your bed. Constantly inspect your sheets for any blood stains. When bed bugs feed, there is always some kind of blood residue after their blood meal. Red spot on sheets can be a great indicator.

Keep your bed away from the wall. I know this is not pleasant, your pillow will fall over the edge (unless you have a headboard) and your room will not look complete with the bed in the middle of the room, but you must keep the bed at least 18 inches away from the wall to prevent the bed bugs from climbing up the wall and into your bed. Remember, bed bugs cannot jump or fly.

Keep your clothes in clear bags for the first couple of weeks or months, this will avoid you the hassle of having to clean your entire wardrobe in the event that bed bugs exist in your home. The clear bag also allows you to see what clothes are in which bag.

Note that these are only basic measures to deal with bed bugs, we have other tools to help with bed bugs such our active bed bug detector which has been proven to lure and trap bed bugs. However, with these instructions you will be able to determine if you’re sharing your home with bed bug or not, it’s a basic integrated system that allows for easy and early detection. As the saying goes, better be safe than sorry.

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