Bed Bugs Toronto 2016 - How to Prevent

Bed Bugs Toronto 2016 - How to Prevent

Toronto Falls Prey to Bedbugs Again – What Is There to Be Done?

Bed Bug Treatment TorontoAlthough official bed bug Toronto complaints have yet to exceed last year statistics, rumors say things have gotten worse. The internet is raving with posts of residents who found their homes invaded by these tiny insects. Public health inspectors and pest companies’ employees agree that the number of bed bug reports in the area has been growing.

People are beginning to lose their patience and hope, as things get worse by the year and the authorities and building managers seem overwhelmed, paralyzed. Compared to previous years, the number of complaints regarding apartment buildings has grown significantly.

More than that, it seems that bed bugs are taking over the public transportation services as well. More and more complaints regarding the presence of bed bugs in TTC streetcars are posted online. The company management assures that their cars are inhospitable for the horror insects, but passengers have their doubts.

Official or not, the numerous reports concerning bed bugs should be taken seriously. Instead of just complaining that the authorities and their building management are not doing enough, residents are advised to take matters into their own hands.

Luckily, Toronto is home to several reputable pest control companies offering reliable and affordable services.

How to Fight Bed Bugs Toronto Infestations

Bed bugs are small but terrifying insects that have invaded Canada, multiply quickly, travel easily and adjust to environment changes fast. They invade the properties of rich and poor, young and old alike, and getting rid of them is extremely difficult but necessary. Why?

Bed bugs can cause anything from stress and anxiety, insomnia and bankruptcy, to skin infections and allergies. Getting rid of them is so difficult because, in their desire to save money, Toronto residents often choose the cheapest services or focus on only one control method.

The tricky insects adjust to the treatment used against them and continue to multiply, driving residents and pest specialists crazy. Thus, even companies using revolutionary methods have had their share of complaints from their clients.

What is the best bed bug treatment? We at Bed Bug believe that there is no universal treatment, but rather a combination of smart and effective solutions. While the threat of the bed bugs traps Toronto residents in their homes and keeps them awake at night, Bed Bugs SOS helps their clients enjoy a life free of bed bug bites.

Their solutions include healthy bed bug products, easy to set bed bug traps and monitors, comfortable but efficient bed bug mattress encasements and steaming and heating equipment.

Are you worried about having your home invaded by bed bugs and would like to do something to prevent it? Are you one of the thousands of bed bug Toronto victims desperately searching for a solution? Call Bed Bug SOS at 888-429-597 now and discover the perks of a bed bug free life!

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