Thunder Bay bed bug infestation severe


Thunder Bay bed bugsResidents of Thunder Bay are experiencing a severe bed bug problem; its District Health Unit has seen complaints rise almost 6 times since 2011. Apartment complexes are riddled with these pesky critters and costing owners and complex management money and peace of mind. One resident says he was lying down in bed one evening and felt an itch; he began to scratch and felt something between his fingers only to find it was a bed bug.

The problem for all cities is that when bed bugs are a problem, they remain a problem for a long time, even after treatment. Products that exterminators use only kill full-grown bed bugs and not the lymph’s or the eggs. A local exterminator with Canada Pest Control said bed bugs are thriving in Thunder bay because of a ban on certain pesticides.

Residents must know that they are also contributing to the growth of the bed bug population. They do so by keeping it a secret. In one case, the mother of a resident told the buildings office to “shush”. Yes, it’s embarrassing to have bed bugs, but people must understand that it’s a serious and costly problem, the key to overcoming bed bugs is early detection and staying vigilant and to do so everyone must be aware of their presence. Catch it now before it gets out of hand, because once it gets out of control it’s going to be costly and extremely difficult to eradicate not to mention the trauma and stress associated.

Let us remind you that bed bugs are not only found in homes, they can be found in planes, buses taxis or even movie theaters.

For now, Thunder Bay is at war against bed bugs. Here are a few tips and tools for the residents.

  • If you have bed bugs, let your neighbours know.
  • To stop bed bug bites, visit our page which gives you a detailed description on how to stop bed bug bites.
  • Use mattress encasements to stop bed bug from nesting
  • Intercept bed bugs with interceptors such as the BlackOut or ClimbUp, these tools are very efficient to a peaceful sleep.
  • Install detectors all around your bed using BuggyBed, these will detect bed bugs at the earliest stage.
  • Keep bed at least 18 inches away from the wall.
  • Keep room clean
  • Store clothing and linens in bags.


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