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Kleen Green - Pre Mix 32oz

Ideal for Chemically Sensitive Individuals - Recommended by David Suzuki *NEW* Out of the box and ready to spray. No mixing, simply prepare the area to treat and begin spraying. Spray with Kleen Green to instantly...

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Ideal for Chemically Sensitive Individuals - Recommended by David Suzuki

*NEW* Out of the box and ready to spray. No mixing, simply prepare the area to treat and begin spraying.

Spray with Kleen Green to instantly clean away bed bugs. When Kleen Green is sprayed on bed bugs, the enzymes act and cause the bed bug to shed its outer coating prematurely. Unlike poison pesticides which attack the bed bugs nervous system, Kleen Green's revolutionary product is being widely used in restaurants, institutional setting and becoming widely accepted in the pest control industry due to their low toxicity and the enzymatic effect on the bed bugs exoskeleton which have been proven quick and safe. A natural alternative to toxic products. 


  • Fast Acting
  • Bed Bug Product Recommended by David Suzuki
  • Does Not Produce Toxic Fumes
  • Extremely Economical
  • More Effective and Safer than Pesticides
  • Kills Bed Bugs Quick and Safe

How to Use

  • Apply a light mist to the entire mattress. Pay particular attention in spraying mattress seams, buttons and tears. Don't forget to treat the bottom of the mattress, box springs and bed frame.
  • The objective is not the quantity of spray used, but rather the proper placement of the enzyme cleaner.
  • Spray Kleen Green into cracks, crevices and corners! BE THOROUGH.
  • Inspect and spray along baseboards, window frames, wall paper edges, heat registers and other moldings. As it may be impossible to penetrate all hiding places immediately, control may not be immediate and bugs may be seen for several days after treatment.
  • Vacuum thoroughly. Check behind pictures, drapes, wall sockets and even closets.
  • ATTENTION APARTMENT/CONDO RESIDENTS: Plumbing and heating pipes are like a freeway for a bed bug! Caulk or seal any space around plumbing pipes. Then vacuum and spray Kleen Green liberally all cracks, crevices and corners.
  • On Guard Bug Dust (nontoxic diatomaceous earth) provides a powerful residual. Death is within 24 hours. Apply to any crack, crevice or corner. Safe on beds  


Your product has literally changed my life. I moved into an apartment in Brooklyn, NY and signed a yearlong lease prior to discovering that it was infested with bed bugs. For the first three months we lived in the apartment, my fiancé and I suffered day in and out with their horrific bites. We tried everything and anything we could find to improve our situation, but the bed bugs continued to prevail. It was a nightmare! I felt like I was living out the scene of some Sci-Fi thriller where bugs would feast on my flesh in the night. Then the Manhattan newspapers came out with an article claiming that the city was at an all time high infestation of bed bugs, affecting people in all income brackets and even residing in high-end hotels. I felt like this gave me little hope to improve my situation. If people with more resources couldn't formulate a solution, how could I. Then by some chance my fiancé found your website on-line and we ordered your product with only a half hope that it might have some affect. Little did we anticipate that is would eradicate our problem entirely. Thank you so much!! It has been a miracle. I only wish more people in NYC knew about your product. There are a lot of people that could use it. N. - Brooklyn, New York


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Returns Policy

When dealing with bed bugs, we believe that comfort and safety is essential. For that reason Bed Bug SOS is committed to provide all of our customers with unparalleled customer service and the highest quality products on the market. However, given the nature of our industry and the risks involved when exchanging bed bug products, we can only accept returns on new, unopened and unused products. We are very strict about this policy to protect our customers, inventory and employees from exposure to bed bugs.

You have 7 days after reception to return a product. Please follow instruction before returning.

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Unfortunately not. We want to keep our warehouse clean and free of bed bugs and although the odds of someone bringing bed bugs into our warehouse are low, we don’t take any chances.

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