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The State of Bed Bugs in Toronto

It’s an annoyance at best and a health concern at worst – bed bugs in Toronto are a common problem.

While the presence of bed bugs in the area has fluctuated over the years, there are always concerns about a bed bug epidemic flaring up. These pests are an unsanitary, unsightly, and unhealthy threat to have to deal with.

Toronto residents and public health officials have worked to make it easier to identify these pests, and to fight back against the influx of bed bugs which have become common at some points in the area.

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7 Bed Bug Myths You Must Know

Bed bugs are making a comeback across Canada and they're becoming a real problem in our communities. From anxiety, insomnia, depression to severe allergic reaction and conflict, bed bugs are wreaking havoc across the country. There are many contributing factors to this issue, and getting rid of bed bugs is extremely difficult. But, there’s hope. The first step with treating bed bugs is educating oneself about the myths surrounding bed bugs. As the great author of THE ART OF WAR Sun Tzu said: "If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperilled in a hundred battles" MYTH #...

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Bed Bugs Toronto 2016 - How to Prevent

Toronto Falls Prey to Bedbugs Again – What Is There to Be Done? Although official bed bug Toronto complaints have yet to exceed last year statistics, rumors say things have gotten worse. The internet is raving with posts of residents who found their homes invaded by these tiny insects. Public health inspectors and pest companies’ employees agree that the number of bed bug reports in the area has been growing. People are beginning to lose their patience and hope, as things get worse by the year and the authorities and building managers seem overwhelmed, paralyzed. Compared to previous years, the...

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Bed bug Interceptor Review & Comparisons

If you’re at risk of bedbugs or already have bed bugs in your home, then bed bug interceptors are a must. Here at, we preach the Integrated Pest Management approach (IPM) when it comes to bed bugs control, and a well-executed IPM system always includes bed bug interceptors. For one, it helps in the early detection of bed bugs: remember, the earlier you can detect, the easier it is to eradicate! Bed bug interceptors also protect your bed from bed bugs living outside you mattress, box spring and bed frame. Here’s a common scenario: let’s say that you recently moved...

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Can bed bugs survive the winter?

Winter is coming and many people have asked me if bed bugs live through the winter months? The answer to this question is a definitive yes! Bed bugs can and will survive through the winter months as long as they have a blood meal. Unlike some mammals that hibernate during the winter months, bed bugs will stay alive since most of its feeding activities happen indoors in heated areas, and therefore will have no problem reproducing causing a bigger infestation. But can you freeze bed bugs outside in the cold or in the freezer? A study at the University of...

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